The Forum on Conservation Economics and Policy is a venue for discussion between stakeholders in academia, government, industry, First Nations, communities and NGOs to address key issues facing the forest sector.

Our mission is to increase understanding and dialogue concerning the social and economic impacts of policy decisions on the conservation, use, and protection of natural resources around the world.

We strive to examine these issues objectively, stimulate discussion and conduct focused, unbiased scientific research on important public policy issues regarding land stewardship, the development of a healthy and sustainable conservation based economic sector, and the wise management of public resources.

We routinely publish briefings and reports to help inform government officials, conservation stakeholders and the public. We also contribute objective research to the public debate surrounding conservation issues.

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The 14th Symposium for Systems Analysis in Forest Resources, SSAFR March 8-11, 2011

Resilience 2011 March 11-16, 2011

Western Forest Economists Meeting
May 9-11, 2011

New papers:
Schwab, O.S. and T.C Maness.  2010. Building spatial forest inventories from aggregated data.  In Press Journal of Forestry.

Ristea, C. and T.C Maness. 2009. Opportunities, challenges and markets for forest carbon offset projects.  The Forestry Chronicle 85(5):715-717.